Micro Minis in the Casino – casino Club

The one thing I do love about casinos as a girl is that you can get away with wearing just about anything. Its not really my style but I could get away with dressing like your grandma and no-one would really say anything. But I love to dress sexy and hot. I’m only 25 so I’m part of that group of girls that wants to flaunt it while we’ve still got it. And there is no high for a girl like walking into a big room and having every mans attention. Hehe.Normally the micro minis are strictly club wear, Fridays and Saturday nights. The casino is different though. It is where people go to dream, escape and sometimes walk away with piles of cash in their pockets. It is as much a fantasy land as hardcore trance clubs. Except the security is better, the lighting is better and the bathrooms aren’t as full of girls sick on poisons. And the most important thing, it is 24/7. The big casinos in the world never sleep. The action never stops. Some of the players can go straight for days at craps tables. Friday or Saturday hardly have any meaning, let alone night or day.And I love it. It means there’s always somewhere to go where there is that buzz and excitement. And it means that stuff normal girls only wear when they go clubbing, I get to wear Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, morning, midday, midnight; whenever I feel like being the sexy me.Its more fun playing the table games like blackjack or roulette when dressed up. The slots machines are kinda lonesome places in casinos. In any case online slots are better in every way to land casinos anyway. I’m just in heaven when I’m doing all my favorite things at once; flirting, drinking cocktails and gambling! And its easier to get the flirting done when there are actual people playing with you and not just a one on one with the one armed bandit. Plus, you’ll probably even get all your cocktails for free if you pick ur tables right.So if you’re a girl like me and love the casinos, I really advise being adventurous with your outfits. It’s a lifestyle you won’t be able to live anywhere in the “real world” and best enjoyed while we still look great in our micro minis and heels!

John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Reviewed by Thehooks – casino Club

The Club Cal Neva sports book is located on the bottom floor of the Nugget Casino. Down stairs there is a nice bar, bingo parlor, horse bet racing section, a deli, and many big screens to watch the games. When staying at the Nugget this is an easy walk back and forth to the Silver Club.This is the sports book if you are looking for all the betting options and want a clean atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and you never have to ask for a drink toke. The lines can get long right before a game so get your bets down early or get ready to walk over to the Silver Club. The Club Cal Neva sportsbook has the best odds on the parlay cards and carries money lines on most games. You can also expect to see a first half and a second half line for all the games. The action is endless through out the Nugget. They have every table game and over 1,000 machines for your enjoyment. The restaurants are very good in the Casino and the rooms are very clean.The only down side to staying at the Nugget is if you are a bargain shopper you will not get any deals on the rooms here. The Nugget does not believe in lowering the room rates, a small price to pay for such a great hidden gem in Northern Nevada.The Nugget and the Silver club anchor downtown Sparks. Sparks has done a great job of remodeling downtown and offers many great events through out the year. Most of the events play out on Victorian Avenue between the Silver Club and John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino. There is a great water fountain right outside the Movie Theatre, which sits 200 yards to the sides of the two casinos.

Key to Las Vegas Discounts – Your Player’s Club Card – casino Club

Finding good deals on Las Vegas hotel rooms can be as simple as surfing the web these days. However, if you want to find great deals on not only your hotel room but also on shows, dining, gaming and more, you need to make time to sign up for each casino company’s players club.”Slot clubs,” as they are also commonly called, are a major form of marketing for both the big casino players like MGM Mirage and Harrah’s Entertainment as well as for the single standalone casinos that dot the Las Vegas landscape. Through the use of players clubs, casinos can get to know their individual players much better and can tailor marketing offers — think free or discounted hotel rooms, dining discounts, bargain show tickets and slot tournament invites — to them based on what the guest enjoys playing and at what level. Plus, now that the casino has your address and maybe an email addy and a telephone number, they know just how to reach you in order to pass along these great offers.Signing up for a players club card is easy. When you enter a casino, simply find a casino floor person and get directions to the club desk or booth. Once there, it’s usually a matter of filling out a short form and showing proof of identity – a driver’s license or other picture ID – and you are given your new slot club card. (I usually ask for two because one is invariably lost either to the black hole that is my handbag or somewhere on the casino floor!) When registering, be sure to ask if there are any “new member” sign-up benefits since many casinos offer free slot play, small gifts or even coupon books as an incentive bonus.While you are at the players club desk, pick up any literature they may have that explains how points are earned and redeemed. Some things to look for include how points are awarded for slots versus video poker versus table games and if points can be redeemed for cash or for other premiums. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions so that you don’t have any nasty surprises (like points expiring without notice) waiting for you down the road.With club card in hand, now is the time to make sure your card actually works! The easiest way to do this is to find a favorite slot machine or video poker game and insert your card into the reader. You should see green lights and, with many clubs, you may even see your name and point balance. (Whenever you play, be sure to have your card inserted properly or you won’t get the credit you deserve.)So, now that you’ve signed up, you’ve played your favorite games and you’ve racked up some club points, be ready for the casino offers to come rolling into your mailbox!